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Religion, law, and history.

The Celestines
The true relationship between Gaia and the Triat is obscured. Garou canon teaches that the Triat are the most fundamental aspects of Gaia, birthed to give Her form in turn, but many heretical werewolves believe that Gaia is the product of the Triat. Originally, the Wyld spewed forth raw creation and possibilities, the Weaver gave it fixed forms and purposes, and the Wyrm kept the balance by spurring the other two on and also by decaying and destroying parts of the Weaver's web. However, at some point in the time before time the Weaver went insane for unfathomable reasons and spun faster than her Triatic brothers could keep up. The Wyrm became trapped in the web, and its pain and confusion corrupted it. Now its sole objective is to destroy Gaia and regain its freedom. Gaia is beset by three insane gods, and the garou were created to protect her from these influences. The other two known celestines are Helios and Luna, both of whom are a far cry away from the others' power, but still far above the incarna spirits. These two are allied with Gaia despite their own differences and empower the changing breed through primeval pacts; it is by Luna that the garou possess their Rage, auspices, and ability to travel from caern to caern, as well as their vulnerability to silver.
Below the celestines are the godlike incarna, notably including the totem spirits. They are in turn served by powerful spirits of the avatar class. The remaining spirit host is separated into the jaggling and gaffling classes, assigned loosely by power level. Most nexus crawlers are jagglings, but Yog-sothoth's power and intelligence raises it to avatar classification.

The Garou Litany
Garou shall not mate with garou
Combat the Wyrm wherever it dwells and whenever it breeds
Respect the territory of another
Accept an honorable surrender
Submission to those of higher station
The first of the kill for the greatest in station
Ye shall not eat the flesh of humans or wolves
Respect those beneath ye- All are of Gaia
The Veil shall not be lifted
Do no suffer thy people to tend thy sickness
The leader may be challenged at any time during peace
The leader may not be challenged during wartime
Ye shall take no action that causes a caern to be violated.

A history of shame
The following is a brief history of the Garou Nation, dotted with failures and sins for which they still atone, and which are in turn the Wyrm's most significant victories. Perhaps, in its weak formitive state new to the Weaver's web that the Wyrm assured his eventual victory by siring pride and corruption, turning Gaia's assets against each other.
-The Sundering-- Most likely corresponding to the Wyrm's initial imprisonment, this was when the spirit world separated from the physical world. Over time the various umbral realms took shape. Following the Sundering, the changing folk faced many lonely trials in the attempt to forge alliances with the spirits, gaining gifts, rites, totems, and simple friends.
-The War of Rage--The garou became angry when the gurahl refused to share the secret of returning from death, and a generation spanning war resulted. Pride and bloodlust brought forth accusations from the garou to the other changing breeds, insinuating that they failed in their duties, or were unable to defend their caerns, or that they infringed upon kinfork or territory; essentially any excuse to expand their war to include all the other fera. Unequipped to face Gaia's chosen warriors, the various breeds dwindled and retreated, and at least three breeds were exterminated to the last. Following the War of Rage the garou had to adopt auspices and significantly expand their capabilities to cover for the fallen breeds.
-The Impergium--During or immediately after the War of Rage, the garou had to compensate for the expansion of humanity, owing to the loss of the Ratkin, Ananasi, and Apis. The werewolves instituted centuries of raids under the full moon to cull the human herds. Over time mankind developed the Delerium and were no longer able to cope with werewolf encounters. Moved by humanity's suffering, protesting garou coalesced into the Children of Gaia tribe. Allied with the Black Furies, Silent Striders, and the Stargazers, these dissidents brought about the Concord by which the Impergium ceased. This fateful conclave also saw the formalization of the Litany in its current form. Free from persecution, mankind expanded and recorded human history began.
-The fall of the White Howlers and the sacrifice of the Croatan--These events, taking place in circa 130 and 1500 CE are discussed in Part Two.
-The Second War of Rage--The Shadow Lord Tribe accompanied the Spanish Conquistadors in Central and South America and discovered Camazotz still living in these lands; the Lords quickly rectified this.
-The War of Tears--Manifest Destiny set white garou against the Pure Lands tribes, often for the same reasons and accusations which fueled the War of Rage. Intertribal tensions remain tense to this day.
-The Wyld West--A powerful spirit with traits resembling all three members of the Triat placed the umbra of the 19th century West in great peril. The details of the Storm Eater's defeat are not widely known, but many fear the rise of another like it.
-The War of Shame--This was the war of extinction waged against the Bunyip tribe. The last Bunyip gave up on the world and wandered into the Umbra, from which they still strike at the garou as spirits.

Many are the bleak garou prophecies concerning the end times. The most famous is the Prophecy of the Phoenix, beheld by a Silent Strider galliard when the world was young. It presents a sequence of signs signifying the end, and modern theurges are in consensus that the Apocalypse is well underway. Other prophecies speak of a perfect child born of two metis who will choose the shape of the final battle, and some speak of a second tribe falling to the Wyrm. Others warn that the Weaver is the true foe which will assault Gaia. An ancient Bone Gnawer prophecy asserts that one of their own will avert the end, and the Children of Gaia tell of the Desperate One who will break every tenant of the Litany on his path to saving the world. There are other concerns voiced by garou who are knowledgeable of the other supernaturals, who share their own prophecies, such as the proliferation of vampires with no ancestral house and the awakening of godlike antedeluvian chieftens. Across the board all of these forecasts agree with the garou on the birth of a red star; the star, called Anthelios, entered the umbral sky in the summer of 1999. It has grown steadily brighter and in the haunted lonely places where the Gauntlet is thin it can now be seen from the physical world.
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