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Garou perspectives on the Fera

The Fera
The Fera are the many other animal changers, each of which had a task set for them by Gaia. The garou know some of them to still exist, but others are believed extinct owing to the War of Rage.
Living Fera
Ajaba--Until recently the werehyenas' purpose was unclear and their numbers few, due to their war with the werelions. Liberated and renewed, they have recently spearheaded an alliance of African changers. New rumors hold that the Ajaba were meant to be Gaia's warriors on the African continent where there are no wolves.
Ananasi--Encounters with the werespiders are few and condradictory. It is theorized that they have a faction in service to each member of the Triat, and ancient legends instruct that their immortal queen is held hostage in Malfeas. The legends point with envy that the Ananasi have no metis.
Bastet--The werecats are Gaia's magicians and keepers of secrets. They have several tribes, each of which breeds with a different big cat. These proud creatures are prevelant in Asia and Africa, and are fairweather allies to the Garou in the Amazon. The Uktena and Wendigo have some relations with the werepumas and werelynxes.
Corax--The wereravens are among the only populous changers remaining and are often allies of the Garou. They serve as Gaias spies and have ties to the sun instead of the moon.
Gurahl--The werebears are Gaia's healers and chief spiritists. They are few in number, solitary, and have a tendancy to sleep away the centuries. As the Apocalypse nears several Garou packs have reported encounters with awakened Gurahl.
Kitsune--The Eastern werefoxes are the youngest of Gaia's changers. They have no set duty, only a promise to be given one at the onset of the Apocalypse. In the meantime they are free and beguiling but frail compared to other changing breeds.
Mokole--The weredragons are Gaia's memory. They breed with lizards and crocodilians, and are possibly the eldest of all changers. They remember well the offenses of the War of Rage and are the least likely to forgive or ally with the Garou.
Nuwisha--The werecoyotes were Gaias tricksters. No one has actually seen a Nuwisha since the War of Rage, but many are the stories of a shapeshifter who infultrates a caern and turns the sept on its head at a critical time.
Ratkin--Just as the Garou defend Gaia from the Wyrm, the wererats were supposed to defend Her from the Weaver. However, after the werewolves slaughtered the Ratkin's ambassadors in the War of Rage the rats changed their tactics and their priorities. Masters of survival and the massacre of humans, they can still be found in droves in the cities.
Rokea--The antedeluvian weresharks keep to the oceans, following Gaia's dictum to survive. At their leisure, these immortals check the Wyrm and occasionally make land to drag their own heritics back into the water.
Beast Courts of the Emerald Mother--The War of Rage caused less damage in the East, and as such several breeds work in cooperation in service to Gaia. This includes even Garou of the Stargazer, Shadow Lord, Glass Walker, Bone Gnawer, and Red Talons tribes.

Lost Breeds
Apis--The minotaurs were matchmakers for the various changers and their kin. The last one died in Classical Greece, and its passing was probably the last nail in the coffin of the changing breeds.
Camazotz--The werebats were a counterpoint to the Corax, being Gaia's messengers by the light of Luna. They were wiped out in most of the world during the War of Rage, and the Shadow Lords finished the job upon reaching South America.
Grondr--The wereboars were created to cleanse the taint from Gaia's body. This warrior race is no more.
Nagah--The wereserpents were the most enigmatic of the changers; the old myths descibe them as dancers, perhaps existing to praise Gaia. Still, they were the very visage of the Wyrm and perhaps it is for the best that they are gone.
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