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The real deal: call your characters!

Okay, this scenerio begins a few years in the future and you are playing the offspring of the NeoGarou or the Magpies. You all had your First Change within a month of each other, like your ill omened parents. Homids are notably young, eleven to thirteen years old. Metis are notably old for their first change, about the same span. Lupus are actually the grandchildren of the old pack members.

This is first called, first okayed, and I would also prefer that everyone has a different auspice from each other. On screen possibilities include:

Neon's (Allen's) billion children, homid Children of Gaia.
Offspring of Victor (Logan) and Steals-From-the-Prideful aka Puppy, metis of the Children of Gaia or Silent Striders.
Ivy's (Stephanie') twins via a Shadow Lord kin, homid of the Children of Gaia or Shadow Lords.
Miles' (Brian's) via a Glass Walker Kin, homid of the Bone Gnawers or Glass Walkers.
Angry Speaker's (Dale's) via Bahumpaway, homid of the Uktena.
Implied romance between Miles and Rosie the Riveter, not realized on screen, metis of the Black Furies.

The Magpies:

Song-of-Light-and-Darkness, surely only lupus of the Red Talons.
Cassie Aggressive, surely only homid and well bred of the Get of Fenris.
Silvia Shadow-Scream, homid or metis of the Shadow Lords.
Other children by Puppy, metis or lupus of the Children of Gaia.
Randalph Calculated-Cut, sired before his death, homid or lupus of the Shadow Lords or metis of the mother's tribe.

Any off screen daliance by any non-metis member of either pack, including Yerg (anyone remember his deed-name?) and Wu Song, homid or lupus of the parent's tribe, or metis of the mother's tribe. Also keep in mind that the Children of Gaia would adopt any of the offspring, and that the Black Furies would adopt any female. Also, while I wouldn't mind if someone wanted to be of a different Tribe by way of the kin parent's blood I don't want all of you going that route.

For backgrounds you could be raised in the sept (on the lesser caern), in human society, or in a wolf pack. Cassie Aggressive, as defacto Grand Elder of the lesser caern, is fostering you. You are one night away from completing your Rites of Passage, so no one can start with fetishes, and rites should be basic and in keeping with your auspice. None of you can contact the old PCs through the Ancestors background, though it is recommended that you have a point or two.

Once everyone calls a character, I'll bolster the pack with the remaining auspice and we'll do character creation proper.
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