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History of the Sept of David's Sacrifice

The Caern of the Great White Mouse was the brainchild of one David Spell's-Essence, called Spirit's-Council, called Thwarts-the-Dancer, called Closes-the-Nexus, called Father-of-Caerns, Theurge and Elder of the Children of Gaia and Grand Elder of the Sept of Raccoon's Lodge. David was a garou dedicated to establishing peace among the tribes and foiling the Wyrm through practical long-lasting victories. Over the latter half of his life he became the lynch pin of an alliance of similar minded factions from several tribes. These included the Black Furies of North America, a sizable minority of the Uktena, the Shadow Lords' Bringers of Light, and the Red Talons' Compromise. David believed firmly that the Apocalypse was nigh, but that the garou could expect one last generation before its onset. As his final service to Gaia, the garou, and his allies, David performed the Rite of Caern Building at the base of Mount Hood in Oregon in the Spring of 2001. The resulting miracle was a fertility caern of legendary power dedicated to David's own personal totem, the White Mouse. However, the physical and spiritual toll of performing a ritual of this magnitude was too great and David announced his intent to honorably excise his weakness through ritual suicide. The congregation lauded him with the title of Legend, and Claudia Night-Seeker honored him with the gift of a klaive. Thus acclaimed, David Spell's-Essence left the gathering to perform the Rite of the Winter Wolf. A pack of cliath who had been attending David (and who would later become infamous as the Neogarou) soon followed to collect his body and receive the fetishes he had willed them, but discovered him mystically rent asunder. The predominant theory of David's demise is that the nexus crawler Yog-sothoth, an enemy of David's thought destroyed long ago, was attracted to the grand ritual and took his revenge on his old foe.

Most of the assembled garou stayed on at the caern and formed the Sept of David's Sacrifice. Nathaniel Hope-in-Darkness, Philodox and Elder of the Shadow Lords was named Grand Elder. Howling-Wyrm's-Blood-on-my-Teeth, Arhoun and Elder of the Red Talons was named Warder. Stinging-Spirit-Claw, Theurge and Elder of the Black Furies was named Master of Rite. William Embraces-Mother's-Beauty, Galliard and Elder of the Children of Gaia was named.............

It would later be confirmed that the Shadow Lords performed the Rite of the Power Spike, creating a minor caern close to Mount Hood's summit dedicated to Crow and set aside for use in private tribal ceremonies.

The first major quest issued to the sept by Nathaniel Hope-in-Darkness was a campaign of extermination waged upon the vampires of Portland. It was conducted with the cooperation of the Sept of the Ghost Snare and its Grand Elder Dollar Dan. The campaign was a great success, despite the intervention of one of the vampire race's military champions.

A period of social construction followed, with young packs questing for renown and the Council of Elders discussing the initial draft of the Oath of David, intended to be a gaes applied to outsiders who wished to benefit from the caern's power. Three significant additions came to the sept at this time. The first were the Lazarites, a coalition of Shadow Lord and Child of Gaia metis seeking recognition as their own tribe as well as seeking more metis converts. The second was the arrival of the final allied sect, the Get of Fenris' Fangs of Garm. Finally came Illiyana Poison-Fang, Theurge and Elder of the Shadow Lords, but presaged by an incomplete reputation.

In truth, Illiyana was Black Spiral Dancer named David Hates-his-Brother, a corrupt wizard and leader of a veteran pack of Wyrmish garou. He had infiltrated the sept to make way for a siege. it is confirmed that he assassinated Stinging-Spirit-Claw and a vernerable Gurahl who had been awakened by the construction of the caern, and also seeded dark rituals in the bawn and the graves of the hallowed heroes. He furthermore duped a young pack into being his unwitting accomplices; it is said that this pack was the rival of the Neogarou. The siege was thwarted, in part due to the deeds of the Neogarou, but not without attrition. Yog-Sothoth was also present during the attack, but its behavior was confusing.

In the face of glorious deaths, new elders and officers were needed in the Council. For a time, Owl-Looking-Back took on dual roles as both Gatekeeper and Master of Rite. Bridgette Strength-Ungirdled, Arhoun and Adren of the Get of Fenris..........

It was also at this time that the Neogarou's rivals submitted themselves in penance for their part in the Wyrm's assault. The Neogarou had been rapidly gaining renown from their activities investigating the death of David Spell's-Essence, but were simultaneously gaining infamy for their practices. They had no alpha, but conducted themselves democratically and were led by two figureheads. They skirted dangerously close to violating the Litany in additional ways, were lax in performing the duties of their auspices, and two of their members were rumored to have lain with other garou. Starting with their rivals, they were now gaining followers and sympathizers. Only the advocacy of their mentor, Owl-Looking-Back, spared them reprimands from the Council.

The Wyld then set its sights on the caern, attempting to convert its gaian power into one of the Wyld's own Thresholds. The Rite of Abscission was conducted successfully, permanently altering the caen in the process. This assault by an allied and revered element startled the sept, showing just how fragile even the most powerful caerns can be. Defense and care were redoubled, as were the coulcil's efforts to pen an agreeable draft of the Oath of David.

The neogarou continued to gain support, joining with the Lazarites, attracting the young, and welcoming the disenfranchised. It was known that they had an eventual goal of becoming a new tribe and offering undesired reform to the Garou Nation. Finally, though having spent less than five years as garou, their figureheads petitioned for the rank of elder and representation in the Council. After much debate, Victor Single-Strike, Ragabash of the Silent Striders and Neo Lion's-Blessing, Theurge of the Children of Gaia were issued time consuming epic challenges which the Council hoped would instill in them their traditional roles and the wisdom accumulated with age. One of these tasks was the final defeat of Yog-Sothoth and the restoration of the soul of David Spell's-Essence. However, before their departure words were spoken and lines were drawn, and Victor engaged Nathanial Hope-in-Darkness in a duel. Taunting his opponent to frenzy, Victor won by default.

The Neogarou tracked Yogsothoth to the Devil's Tramping Ground in North Carolina, and did not return. Ivy Spirit-of-the-law, Philodox of the Children of Gaia and an alumnus of the Neogarou led a pack of Victors' students to investigate, and they also failed to return. A third party sent by the Council discovered threats to the Veil, an outpouring of balefire which the Neogarou had neglected to stop, and unwanted scrutiny by a sect of philosopher/scientists. Still, Yog-sothoth had not been active since the fist war party, so they let dead dogs lie.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel found himself constantly deflecting challenges and assassination attempts. Needing a decisive display, he led his tribe in seizing the Caern of the Great White Mouse, forcing the remaining Neogarou and other dissidents out. These took residence at the hidden caern atop Mount Hood. Owl-Looking-Back was especially targeted for shame and placed himself in exile. Nathaniel gained new weight as Grand Elder, using the Council only for advice. He would not violate the intent of the Oath of David, he claimed, and left it open for negotiation and council vote, but his new opinions on metis, dominance, and Shadow Lord rule have obstructed the discussion to stalemate. He often used the example of the Neogarou to justify his decisions and as precedent for handing out punishment.

Since this time several attempts have been made by the Silver Fang tribe and its Fianna and Get of Fenris allies to take the sept by force. This has given Nathaniel Hope-in-Darkness the fuel needed to bar all outsiders and all but strike the Oath of David from the table. He rules with an iron fist and bullies both his own sept and the sept on the mountain (which is technically the same sept).

At the current time, the offspring of the Neogarou are undergoing their Rites of Passage, but what this will mean to the Sept of David's Sacrifice is not yet known.
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