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wta_pastdue's Journal

Werewolf: the Apocalypse-- Past Due
Sept of David's Sacrifice
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This is the final installment of a Werewolf: the Apocalypse game conducted several years ago. Only the original players are allowed to comment, but spectators are welcome.


The mentor: David Spell's Essence was a renowned and compassionate shaman of the Children of Gaia. As Anthelios arose and his time on earth waned, he gave the Garou Nation one last great gift by creating a powerful caern of fertility. Drained, he chose honorable suicide, but his soul was torn assunder by a spirit enemy long thought destroyed.

The Garou: The cubs David had fostered dedicated themselves toward the defeat of David's assailant, the continuation of his dream, and the restoration of his soul. They accomplished much good, battled the Wyrm and the Weaver, gained strength and fame, and sired families, but also conducted unusual practices, courted prestige without the wisdom of age, and walked the edge between traditional law and sin. Even as rivals became allies and support was found among outcasts and the young, the rest of their sept turned against them and besiged them with obstacles. As the unpredictable influence of the Wyld came into play, the pack learned the truth about David Spell's Essence: the real David had died decades ago battling his spirit enemy to senselessness. The broken creature then used David as a template and split into four beings until he could heal and make sense of itself. Armed with this sad knowledge the politically tenuous pack sought the evil Nexus Crawler in a place of Wyld energy... and never returned.

The cubs: The pack's failure has colored the development of the most important caern in Garou history. Their former allies are shamed and their elders have become paranoid, intollerant, and controlling. Now, the pack's children complete their rights of adulthood only to face the spectre of their parents' legacy. But how much does the future hinge on these past events? The Apocalypse looms ever closer.